Friday, October 23, 2009

Bridal Party Gifts Part I: DIY Fun Make-Up Bags

For months I had been wanting to make or buy cute little make-up bags as a gift for my bridesmaids. I had only found options that were out of my price range and skill level, so I had given up on the idea when I went to a Dollarama in Montréal and stumbled upon these pencil bags in the school section.

The "Before" Pencil Bags:

Not obviously exciting, but they were the right colors to go with our wedding- red and black- and I saw potential. Not quite the exact shade of red, but for $1.00, can I really afford to be that picky? So I bought several and took them home, thinking I would sew the ladies' initials on them and stamp on a fleur-de-lys or something. I tried that after I got home, and the result was less than thrilling. So, I began brainstorming and thinking about what I already had at home that might work to make the bags cute. I quickly remembered that I had black and white ribbon left over from some cards I made asking my bridesmaids, pastor, and flower girl to be a part of our wedding. So I found it and quickly designed what I wanted to do and got to work with some needle and thread.

In process:

The finished product turned out like I had imagined, and I was so excited to have created these fun bags for these special friends. I put inside each a pair of monogrammed earrings, a shout stain wipe, and a vintage handkerchief I had found at an antique shop in Andersonville, Chicago.

Finished Make-up Bag:

The finished result made me very happy and my crafty and talented bridesmaid M was surprised I had made them myself!
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  1. It is just as beautiful in person and I look forward to using it!