Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Program

I designed the program to use the same motif and fonts as everything else we have been using, and I wanted to be relatively eco-friendly. So we had small programs. Each program was only one sheet of paper total, but we cut the paper in half and printed front and back, so it became a little booklet. I had planned to tie them together with the red ribbon, but that got lost and we didn't have any, so in the end, they were just folded.

Our wedding minister M talked sense into me and convinced me that we did not have time to print them all off my ink jet printer. Our good friend V rescued us by taking them to Bureau En Gros (Staples, en fran├žais) the day of the wedding to have them printed and cut and wedding minister (and essentially a double duty undercover bridesmaid) M folded them in our hotel room while my Aunt B ironed S's suit and I began to get ready. So thankful for all the help!!!

The programs were bilingual, so this photo gives an example of how the English version was on the left with the French on the right.
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