Friday, December 11, 2009

Déneigement, or Impressive Snow Removal Trucks

In Québec, the streets have little lights that flash to tell you if they are going to remove snow from your street that night and you have until 11 pm to move your car, or they will tow it. Then overnight come the big trucks in an efficient snow removal operation unlike any I have ever seen. I find it impressive (well, jaw dropping really) and S finds it completely normal.

For those people like me who have never seen this kind of approach to snow, there is this bulldozer-esque thing that plows up the snow off the streets and sidewalks and then shoots it out a spout and up into a huge dump truck that drives along beside it. Now that, in and of itself, is completely impressive to watch, but the kicker is....there were SEVEN huge trucks driving alongside the snow shooter. The snow is shot into Truck Number 1 until it is full. Then Truck Number 1 drives off to haul the snow away to the giant snow piles where the city collects snow all winter, and then Truck Number 2 seamlessly pulls up beside the snow shooter and begins collecting snow. And the other slew of huge trucks are there ready to go. Impressive.

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  1. Does your camera do video? This is worthy of uploading a little video. For those of us who hope for a couple inches, it's unbelievable!