Friday, December 18, 2009

Our maple cookie beginning.

Two years ago today, I offered S a maple cookie. Non-verbally, I might add. And he accepted, non-verbally. Then I crossed the rehearsal room to give him the cookie, and we started talking. This was our first real conversation, since I don't really count a quick name introduction two and half weeks before that.

Now two years later, I am posting a picture of the maple cookies that were our favors at the wedding. My parents made the paper toppers and assembled them with Bridesmaid M, and the use of the hotel's stapler.

The power of maple is an amazing thing.

PS. Good thing we like them, because there were lots of leftovers. We keep a stash in the car in case of an emergency, and have discovered that maple cookies are also good frozen! Lesson for don't need that many favors. Or maybe you don't need any at all. I was attached to the maple cookie idea because it brought us together, but if I hadn't been that special to our relationship, I probably would have just skipped favors.
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