Friday, January 15, 2010

More snow removal machines and an ode to winter footgear.

S got some more good photos during some recent snow removal in Québec. This little one clears the sidewalks. Hear that, Chicagoans? The city clears the SIDEWALKS here. No more walking/hopping to try to land in other peoples' footsteps on a knee-high snowy street. Love it.

Here's a good shot of the weird blue street plow thing.

Even though they do a good job of keeping the sidewalks pretty clear, it still gets icy. I am thinking I should break out my Yax Trax. Which are super effective at walking on ice with ease, by the way. Last year during that post-Christmas ice storm in Chicago, I tried really hard to slide on the ice (while holding onto S) and I couldn't even make myself slip. And my boots are even designed with a traction grid that works perfectly with Yax Trax. This kind of winter gear makes winter WAY more fun. I mean, what could be more fun than not falling on ice when walking down Montréal steps in the winter? Imagine snow and ice on top of these babies:

And what could be more fun than not having cold feet when riding in your car that has only a mild suggestion of heat, even after having it repaired last week? (Which means a return trip to the garage to get it re-repaired. Which will be the fourth attempt in three years to fix the heater. It's becoming a more-than-annual winter tradition.)

Winter gear (and heat that works): totally worth the investment when you live somewhere with actual winter weather.

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