Thursday, February 18, 2010

Four months?

Photo credit: Alain Dignard

We almost missed the four month-versary date. It was about 11 pm yesterday before I realized it. I am normally one for remembering mile-markers and being cheesy, so I surprised myself by almost letting the day slip by unnoticed. A few months ago that idea seemed unthinkable. I guess our belated celebration of Valentine's day (due to not being in the same city on the 14th) threw me off? We did end up acknowledging the 17th in a minimal way but not with intentionality like I had hoped to do each month during this first year. And at least we were in person part of the day before these couple days of long distance, although I wished we had realized the date while we were together!

It's funny how things settle into a sense of Normal. Which is a very good thing. But I guess the key is to notice the moments of beauty and awe and thankfulness right smack in the middle of the normal, and to not let them slip by.

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  1. we almost forgot our one month anniversary! it's so easy to settle into normal.