Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NINE HOURS?!?!?, or Lipsynch in Montréal

This weekend Robert Lepage's Lipsynch opens in Montréal, and the show is here until mid-March. Lipsynch is an almost 9 hour play that happens in nine parts, with nine actors, four languages, and 5 intermissions. The scale of it all is awe-inspiring. As Lepage mentions in the program, the play explores human interaction through the voice, words, and language. The show takes the audience on an epic journey through the lives of these 9 characters, and includes everything from slapstick humor to incredibly beautiful, poetic visual imagery that was so stunning it was permanently burned into my memory the first time saw the show over two years ago. The ability of the actors to play a plethora of roles, the talented production team and crew with all the sound, video, lights, and set are all something to behold. It's even interesting to watch the crew maneuvering the incredibly creative and flexible set design during the scene changes.

And since I know you are thinking it, let me just say- the nine hours don't feel like nine hours, it's like watching your favorite TV series back-to-back on DVD all day. I recommend seeing the show if you are in the Montréal area; click here for information on the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier website. And for upcoming tours, you can check here.

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