Friday, April 30, 2010

American Classic?

I got this "American classic" the other day at the dépanneur (small corner store). I thought it was funny because, though I am American, I had never heard of this "classic" until maybe last year when my friend L introduced me to them because she was baking them and trying to perfect her recipe.* It made me think of L, standing right there in my Montréal dépanneur, so I bought this funnily packaged whoopie pie.** It was huge and I learned, after finishing it all, supposedly two servings. Oops. I liked the cake part, but the filling could have been better.

The funniest part of buying it was when I took it up to the guy who runs the register at the dépanneur and he got excited and said they had just started carrying them and he had been wanting to try one. Wonder if they will be a hit?

*It is possible these are an American classic. But growing up in the South, our "classic" was the Moon Pie. Yum.
**I found the explanation of the origin of the name hilarious.

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  1. Heeee, whenever I hear "moon pie" I sing "RC cola and a moon pie" in my head.