Monday, August 16, 2010


Fascinating New York Times article on happiness, as how it is related to consumption, simplicity, and experiences.


  1. I read this too! Made me want to get rid of all our stuff...

  2. @Beth, yeah, over the last while, I have been in the process of rethinking my relationship to "stuff" and going through things as I continue to unpack. The article was a nice encouragement to keep at it! :) And I am so glad you updated your blog! :)

  3. We just moved into a new house and bought lots of stuff, and although I know that it is ok to have a new (well craiglist...) couch and dresser, I hate accumulating more. It makes me feel all nostalgic for my college days when I always made sure I could fit everything into my car for easy moving...I moved so often!

    I know I am at a different point in my life now and that more stuff is practical, but sometimes I hate it. It's good incentive to keep things in bounds and not buy more than we necessary.