Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anniversary photos.

Photo credit: Alain Dignard

For our first anniversary last October, we hired a local photographer friend of ours to do a photo shoot of us. I wanted some outdoor-in-a-field-type photos that we choose not to do on the day of our wedding in October 2009. We just didn't have time then because of the heavy DIY aspect of the wedding, and the weather was rather cold anyways. We had intended to do some in the week or so after the wedding, but then the snow came and stuck around forever, so we decided to just wait until the snow melted. After spring came, we procrastinated and then it got too hot, so we decided to wait until around our anniversary. October came and we finally did it (because, you know, it was getting rather ridiculous.) We did photos in our normal clothes too, since I wanted the photos to reflect our marriage and day-to-day selves, not just some random shots I wanted of us-in-variations-of-our-wedding-clothes-in-a-field.

We surprised ourselves by how much fun we had in front of the camera, and we have discussed taking photos as an anniversary tradition. We will probably DIY it this coming year with a tripod and timer, but maybe get professional ones done every few years?

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