Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breakfast burritos with homemade tortillas.

I made flour tortillas on Saturday for first time. They were easier than I thought they would be and turned out well. I decided to make them because I was craving breakfast burritos and was too lazy to go to the store to buy tortillas. Conclusion: I will definitely make them again. And maybe the second time around, my rolling-them-into-a-pretty-circle abilities will be more consistent?


  1. Tortillas are one of those things that seem to me to be on the "always made in a shop" list, like marshmallows and turkish delight. But you make it look easy!

  2. Looks good! Now I want breakfast burritos...

  3. @fiona lynee- Yes...I had never thought to make them either, but then when I didn't feel like going out to buy some, I thought that they must not be that hard to make and that I probably had the ingredients. :) Marshmallows though seem to be something to buy at the store! (Though I have a friend who has made them.)

    @vanou- I was craving them again this week too... :)