Friday, May 23, 2014

A slow train to spring.

Crocuses are late
Only snowdrops have arrived
A slow train to spring
Kim Philipps, 48, Bronxville, NY. 

I thought spring would come with Easter

It was gorgeous outside this afternoon on my walk home from work. I enjoyed the sun and thought about how I felt at home in my town. Recently, I spent too much time online looking for the (seemingly nonexistent) perfect pair of gladiator sandals in Canada. Despite this, I still feel like I am somehow in between winter and spring.

So I am waiting.

Coincidentally (or not?) I am reading a beautiful, incredible book that is helping me be okay with waiting. It reminds me, when I get impatient to move on ahead full speed to spring or summer, that there is a time to wait. A time to choose "the long way around." Sue Monk Kidd reminds me that beautiful things grow in the dark and that you can't rush chrysalis.

So I reminded myself on Tuesday to wait. And again on Thursday. (Thankfully I had the encouragement of a friend when I had had about enough of waiting. She talked my hand off the fast-forward button and I am again choosing to wait.)

Spring is here, and it's not. Or maybe this is just what my spring is? Tonight I will start the next section of the book called "Emergence." I'm curious to see what the next two or so months will bring.

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