Saturday, October 3, 2009

The First Month (Almost)

Well, the air is quite cool and fall is here, causing me to reflect on how fast the summer seemed to shift to autumn, and how many changes I have had in the last month. These past weeks have been full of traveling back and forth from Montréal to Québec, and even to Ottawa for orientation. Amid all the traveling, it has been hard to feel settled, but these past few days I have been back in Montréal and have been unpacking and attempting to make the apartment feel more like "home." I have made much progress, but still have work to do.

All the movement and changes of these past weeks have made me think about how I define "home." Is it a place? People? Physical proximity to people or simply being able to connect through technology? Or some combination of it all? It's fitting I find myself in the place of pondering the concept of home, since my project this year is on cultural identity, belonging, and concepts of "home." Maybe I will learn something along the way. :)

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