Sunday, October 11, 2009

Less Than A Week

Our wedding is less than a week away! I have busily been trying to get things done, but still have 59 items left in my checklist on The Knot. Surprisingly, I am not feeling stressed about it. I have been more concerned with bigger things, like my best friend going through the death of her father this week. My heart hurts for her family in this time.

So, needless to say, the smaller details that are easy to obsess about in a wedding have fallen into a bigger picture perspective. I still do want to make yummy cupcakes, but I am approaching it with the attitude that it will all work out okay, however things end up. The important thing is celebrating our love and commitment with our families and friends.

Not to say I am abandoning my DIY/DIT (Do It Together) projects... :) I just know they are nice if they get done, and I will have fun doing them, but I know I don't want them to overtake the journey...

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