Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cupcakes galore.

S and I both really like cupcakes. In Chicago, we used to love to go to Swirlz in Lincoln Park. Mmm... Our favorites were the bittersweet chocolate and the red velvet, but we also enjoyed trying other yummy varieties. Had the wedding been in Chicago, I would have really wanted to have some Swirlz cupcakes at the reception. But in Quebec City, we did not have that option, and the only cupcake shop in Québec did not compare with the Swirlz cupcake standard I now use to analyze cupcakes. So my non-pastry-chef-self decided to go with the only reasonable option in our sans Swirlz world...Duncan Hines.

A million thanks to Bridesmaid M and Minister M who took charge and made having cupcakes at the soirée a reality. The day before the wedding became our little early celebration of National Cupcake Day which was on October 18th. M and M had a cupcake baking marathon and made 200 cupcakes, in both the normal and mini size, while I worked on the program design. We decided to transport the cupcakes to the venue un-iced in boxes (to avoid transport disasters) and ice them on the day of the wedding right before setting them out on cupcake towers my mom got for us. The cupcakes were a BIG task involving a lot of time; I am so thankful for M and M who made it possible. People enjoyed the cupcakes and commented on how good they were, and I LOVED having (and eating!) cupcakes at the reception and on the mini-moon 'cause we took some leftovers with us.

Cupcakes do indeed make people happy.
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