Monday, January 11, 2010

Montréal Snow Removal Budget

After hearing that Iowa spent $3 million dollars on the last winter storm (which was two-thirds of their entire snow removal budget for the year), S and I became curious about the cost of snow removal and started wondering what budgets were for it in Québec. We found some statistics for Montréal's budget here. The average annual budget for Montréal snow removal is $136 million! S and I were shocked at how much it costs to remove snow.

Despite the unbelievable expenses regarding the logistics of snow removal, I am still enjoying winter here. Easy to say now, I admit, since I know it has only really just begun and I spend most of my time indoors. Nevertheless, I am thinking about trying out snowshoeing sometime, and still love being cozy inside with hot cocoa or tisane (herbal tea) during these cold winter days.

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  1. I moved back to Nj (just outside Phila) on Dec 1, after eight years spent in Sunny San Diego. I must confess, I am LOVING this winter weather, which has turned out to be the snowiest winter in Phila history. There is something so cozy about staying indoors reading, drinking cocoa, surfing the web, while all the while the snow is falling and blowing outside. And in almost NO TIME at all, it's gonna be so hot here! Wow, I forgot how great the change of seasons really is!