Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raquettes or bust.

I can't ski. Nor can I ice-skate.

Despite my lack of sports coordination, I decided I should buy some snowshoes. I had been thinking about trying out snowshoeing since 1999. I guess a decade of consideration is ample time to work myself up to the task? I mean it is walking on snow, right? And I am mostly good at walking. (Although maybe not too good at stairs recently.) Admittedly, trying it BEFORE buying would have been a more logical choice, but when I found a good pair for 70% off...I decided that using them just 4 times would even out with the cost of renting. So I took a risk. (And justified it even more because it is less than half the cost of a semester-long gym membership, and seems more appealing than the elliptical in a windowless room.)

On the way home, S suggested I try them out. So I put them on and climbed up the mound of snow on the sidewalk. They seem to grip the snow/ice well. And it is pretty fun and liberating to suddenly be able to move around on top of the snow without sinking in or falling. I can't wait to take them out and give them a real try. And hopefully not bust.

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