Monday, April 5, 2010

Stencils and such.

Why did it not occur to me earlier in life that using cloth napkins all the time is a great eco-friendly choice? To me, cloth napkins seemed like something nice for formal dinner parties, but not so much of a day-to-day thing. I grew up using paper napkins which always seem to disintegrate before the the end of the meal so that you are left attempting to wipe your hands on the remaining sticky shreds. However, for about the last 6 months, I have used cloth napkins pretty much all the time in an effort to reduce waste. I love how cloth napkins somehow make the meal seem more intentionally put together; it elevates the experience and reminds me that eating is not just a function we must do, but something to enjoy as well. I mostly use some black cloth napkins my mom gave me a few years back, and they work great because they don't show stains. But as I was getting into my cloth napkin habit, I decided to personalize some to make it extra fun! These photos were ones I did for holiday gifts, but we made a couple for us too because I needed to practice stenciling before starting to make them for others. Yep, trying to spread the love of using cloth napkins...


  1. We like ours! {T} And were keeping them nice for a special occasion, but after seeing this post, I think I'll get them out for our next meal! I can tell you our 2 year old's will be the dirtiest!

  2. I love these! I actually ordered some plain ones from Etsy a few months ago, and I decided that once we run out of paper towels, I'm not buying any more.

    Dark ones would probably have been better than white ones, though! Wish I'd thought of that... ;)

    But anyway, stenciling them sounds like a really fun project for this summer!