Sunday, May 30, 2010


For the first time in my life, I have just eaten a three course meal of cheese. And I am not really exaggerating; the entire meal was almost exclusively cheese.*

Appetizer: a large ball of mozzarella di bufala with side accents of tomatoes and lettuce. This was AMAZING. 

Main Dish: huge calzone very filled with ricotta and some other cheese on top. Very good, but I was already starting to get full. (Thankfully, they suggested a take home box!) 

Dessert: a little bit of sweet ricotta with chocolate drizzled on top. This was complimentary from the owner. A surprisingly nice combination.

Yum. And now I am tired. So much cheese is exhausting.

*And I do realize I have previous explained that I am trying to be careful about what I eat to lower my cholesterol. And I am...but sometimes you just have to make exceptions.


  1. Where did you get this yummy, cheese filled meal?

  2. I ate the cheesy meal of awesome-ness in Naples, Italy. :) Though, I must say that after all the bread and cheese the last two weeks, I am having major urges for vegetables. :)

  3. Cheese, cheese and more cheese... sounds awesome!!