Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Using up the Food, Part 2

Last night, I got in the mood for home-made hummus and wanted to try making this home-made pita bread to go with it. Then I realized pita bread would take too long for my hunger-level. And after I looked through my cabinets, I realized I no longer had any chickpeas because of making this twice. But I did have 3 cans of red kidney beans. And I found a recipe online for some sort of "roti" Indian bread that was quick to make and did not use yeast. So I decided to get inventive. I made up a recipe for red kidney bean "hummus" and tried the wheat roti bread, which was made in the skillet, like pancakes but thinner. The "hummus" was okay, the bread was...eh. Maybe I did it wrong? But I will toast it for dinner and hopefully get it to be kind of chip-like, and that would be nice to use on the huge amount of kidney bean hummus leftovers. Two more cans of kidney beans to go. Any fun vegetarian-friendly suggestions? I guess can always do a non-meat chili 'cause I also have a lot of tomato sauce to use up...


  1. I have a curry kidney bean burrito recipe....if you're interested, I can email.

  2. Yummy...

    I never never make chili with meat anymore... I use either soy crumbles or textured vegetable protein... And everyone is fooled!

  3. @The Turner's: I would love the curry kidney bean burrito recipe!

    @Marie-Ève: what do you put in your veggie chili? I have been doing kidney beans and lentils, and am wondering if other things might work nice? I am not a big fan of the veggie "meat" crumbles I have tried, but I have really only tried one brand so far...