Monday, June 20, 2011

Merci, finally.


We FINALLY finished our wedding thank you notes in April. It feels good to be done, even if they were unbelievably late. But better late than never, right? 

Thankfully, despite my mortification at it all, we have gotten a number of sweet, moving comments of appreciation for our notes. I am so deeply relieved that we finally finished because this important, unfinished task was hanging over me for way too long. And as if the act of simply finishing wasn't enough of a relief, the positive feedback has been a grace-filled reminder that 1) our community is loving and doesn't keep score, 2) wedding thank you notes really are a meaningful way to express authentic gratitude and love, and 3) some people really appreciate getting them...even when wildly way off the time line of what is etiquette-appropriate.

PS. This year I am working on finishing up some major tasks and projects that have been on my long  "To-Do" list. This was one of the items that had been on the top of the list. (Deep sigh of relief.)


  1. The Thank-You notes hung over my head for way too long as well, even though I went into it saying "Oh I'll have them done in a month!" Somehow that just never happens. And then it can start to haunt you as even the thought of them gives you guilty dry heaves. Or maybe that's just me :-)

    Good on you for taking that bull by the horns and getting them out!

  2. @greyandshiny, YES. Feeling bad about not having finished ours would be in some of the first thoughts I had in the mornings while still lying in bed. :(

    It is so nice to have it DONE. :)

  3. Always refreshing to cross off the top item on your to do list. Feels so much better than crossing off any of the other items.

  4. @Mike Maloney: So true. I should try to remember this and not procrastinate so much with the biggest tasks! :)

  5. Man, I know that feeling! We still have 10 thank you notes to do and probably another 5 written that need to be sent. It's getting to the stage where I'm embarrassed people still haven't gotten them, but I think it's important to send them anyway,

    I'm looking forward to that feeling of relief!