Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They may not look pretty...


I used to buy veggie corn dogs in the freezer section of the grocery store in the U.S., but since I haven't seen them anywhere here in Canada, I hadn't eaten corn dogs for close to two years. Recently, I ran across a recipe for corn dogs and got excited about the idea of making my own veggie corn dogs at home. 
I bought veggie dogs for me and regular hot dogs for S. The process with the batter was a little messy and involved frying- so this is definitely not a health food- but I think they were the best corn dogs I have ever had. We put two servings in the freezer for later because I wanted to see how they freeze and reheat, but they were so good that we have already eaten them! (And they tasted delicious too.)


  1. YUM And I don't even like hotdogs.

  2. You should try this recipe someday! :) (Putting the batter in a glass helps with the dunking.)