Monday, June 21, 2010

Italy: Part 4

For about 13 years, I had wanted to go to Pompeii. I had intended to do it back in my back-packing days of yore, but ended up loving Ireland so much that we skipped going back to Italy. So Pompeii went on the list of things to do one day. And that one day was during our recent trip. Pompeii is HUGE and it was just amazing to be in the presence of remnants of life from an era so long ago and to imagine life as it might have been like then.

Some questionable "young reading":

Photo credit: S

Ancient amphitheatre

Mt. Vesuvius looming in the background. It is still an active volcano.


  1. Did you see the people that got trapped in the lava? Our friends said it was fascinating. On my one day list too.

  2. We saw a few bodies at the Scavi ("ruins") of Pompeii, but most are in the National Museum in Naples, which we did not go to. And I learned at Pompeii that the order of the destruction was ashes, then gases, then lava. The order (of the layers of ash first) is what allowed the ruins to survive all that time intact. Pretty mind-blowing... I hope you get to see it one day!

  3. Pretty scary too - those poor people!