Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Can"*

Our cat, Booboo, is quite social. He even likes to accompany us into the bathroom and "go" at the same time as one of us. In our new apartment, we set up the litter box beside the toilet, and I found it HILARIOUS when Booboo would go alongside me.**

But those communal potty days are now over. We have been talking for about a year about toilet training Booboo, and now we have just begun the process.*** Our current bathroom set-up is like this:

The other night, I walked to the bathroom in the middle of the night and found Booboo busy using it. So I went back to bed to wait until the toilet was free.**** We plan on keeping the litter box like this for the next month, and then start the next step of the process, which will involve S building some type of contraption to fit in the toilet. Then the idea is to reduce the litter (and usually to also open up a hole that slowly increases) until Booboo is standing on the toilet seat and going without litter. That's the goal anyways. We are going to take each step slowly to make sure Booboo successfully makes each transition. So far, so good.

* Southern colloquialism for "toilet."
**Except when he goes and it is super smelly and I have to quickly escape the bathroom to recover.
***Yes, it is possible. There are plenty of YouTube videos to prove it.
****Yep, you have to move the litter box (or later, the contraption) to go. Oh well...long-term it will be worth it.


  1. Haha, great potty-training experience for when you guys have a kid!

  2. this fascinates me.

    our litter box is also beside the potty. and sal loves peeing next to me.

    i can't believe i just typed that on public interwebs.

  3. @Marie-Ève: Huh, I had not even considered that angle. I guess we will consider this our training to maybe undergo kid potty training one day. :)

    @Elizabeth: Hilarious! I also was weird about typing stuff about the potty on the internet, but thought it was too much of an odd adventure to leave out. :) I love that Sal also accompanies you...too, too funny. Cats crack me up. :)