Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, as you know, we recently moved into our new apartment that just had a bathroom renovation. The bathroom is huge and looks nice.


When you look closer, there are a few problems. Some are relatively minor like the paint not being entirely finished and some of the "white" paints in the room not matching. Or the missing finishing metal piece that goes around the toilet pipe covering the hole where it goes into the wall. Or the lack of a mirror and medicine cabinet above the sink.* Or the door being cut too short and not "square." Other errors are not so minor: the sealant around the tub has missing spots that might leak to whatever is below us in the not-too-distant future, the hot and cold water plumbing is reversed, and the tile and grout on the floor are already cracking. (Mind you, this cracking happened within two weeks of installation!**) And then there was our major problem:  the electrical wiring was done unsafely. S knows more (and cares more) about our electrical wiring than the guy who did the repair work, who had set us up with ungrounded wiring in a bathroom of all places.***

At first I thought the renovation guy was trying to do a good job, but was just not the best at doing some stuff, but after seeing his electrical wiring short cuts (who does that???), we think he is an overall devotee of short cuts. But no worries, thanks to S and his wide range of skills, we are slowly upgrading the apartment.**** And we are now grounded.

*We bought some of our own that I guess we will take with us when we move.
**These things are frustrating, but I keep reminding myself that we do not own this apartment and we did not hire or pay for the renovation.
***As in, there is an actual possibility of, you know, electrocution.
****And shed/locker. Just the other day S created a new floor in our shed/locker. The original flooring was not even at all (maybe at a 30-ish degree angle?), and he created a new floor to go on top of the existing one using only the resources of what was in the shed. The shed was left FULL of junk (ex. old mug collection) from the previous renters and we spent several hours cleaning it out. We did keep a few things (old pieces of cabinet doors,bricks, plywood, etc) to re-purpose into shelving, flooring, etc., as we try to upgrade the shed/locker into something useful.