Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not today.

I admit it. I have been stalking our apartment. We were supposed to be able to move in today, but here is what the apartment looked like yesterday evening.

You can see the tiles in the shower and the ones that are starting to be laid on the floor. I like how they are huge and stone. Still no sign of a toilet or sink.

Below is our dining area which seems to be their staging area.

With the reality that the apartment is still not ready today, we are hoping to be able to clean on Friday (or today) and move in over the weekend. I would LOVE to get moved in this weekend, at least partially.


  1. Uh-oh. Does not really look moving-ready. Sorry about that, hope you're doing alright with the heat and all. I can already see that it will look awesome after though. (But I'm still mad at the landlord for not telling you beforehand).

  2. We went by last night and the only progress was that the floor is all laid out, but no grout yet. And the new toilet is in a box in the dining area. I am feeling SO ready to get settled...and a little frustrated that even if we wanted to rent a different place, there is NOTHING on the market that is bigger, in our price range.