Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sewing 101

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been learning how to sew on a sewing machine. Not the one in the photo, though that is one of ours. We have three actually, which we acquired all for free over a couple of months last winter. Our first one is a Singer. This is the one I am learning on, given to us by a friend. The Stitchmaster in the photo is our second sewing machine. One trash day last winter in Montréal, S found it on the curb with somebody's trash and carried it home. It came in its own sewing table (which it can collapse into when not in use) and we love its funky retro teal color. It got damaged in this summer's move though, so S is fixing it so it will be usable. The third one is another Montréal trash day find from last winter. It's a Brother and rather run-down, but S brought it home in hopes that it might be useful for spare parts for our little teal one. Amazingly, he has been able to use numerous parts which have happened to fit.

Anyhow, I have enjoyed learning on our little Singer. S taught me how to do the basics and I have learned a few things off YouTube sewing videos, so now I am just experimenting with several projects. I have been learning on some old t-shirts I have been wanting to upcycle, and it is great to be doing fun things with them and giving them a second life doing something useful. My first project was a double-sided scarf made from two t-shirts (one red, one grey). It turned out quite well and I have been wearing it around the house this fall when I get cold. The t-shirt material makes it really soft and cozy. My next projects will be some alterations of some of my thrift store clothes (shortening things that are too long, adding darts, etc.). I am excited to finally be able to modify these clothes so they will fit properly and I can wear them.  I am also thinking ahead to Christmas and wondering if I might be able to create anything fun for gifts this year. I have a few ideas in mind, but am still brainstorming and looking for new and simple projects. Any suggestions?

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