Thursday, December 2, 2010


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After being couch-less from late June through mid-November, we are extremely thankful to have a couch again. When we moved this summer and joined our stuff in one apartment, we gave away my large amazingly comfortable couch, knowing that S had a smaller couch that was in better shape with a fold-out bed. It is also the kind of couch that is nice to sit on with company and chat. My couch was a crawl-up-into-it-and-eat-thai-take-out-and-watch-movies kind of couch, which wasn't really the best for guests. We still miss that couch, but we thankfully have visitation rights for it, since we gave it to a friend in town. But scooting two chairs beside each other to watch movies gets old. Determined to get the couch inside our apartment before the snow came, we finally made the arrangement to pick up S's couch from his dad's and move it to our place. And boy does it feels good to have a couch again!
With the experience of these few past months and about four years in Chicago without a couch, I consider myself well-acquainted with the couch-less life, so I will just go ahead and say it. Having a couch really does make life more enjoyable. And I think Booboo agrees.


  1. yes...a couch is the one thing that I think makes a living space livable!

  2. I tried to read this post but failed because I was blinded by the impossibly snuggly cat. Booboo!!!

  3. @ruthy ann: Yes....couches. I could probably write a sonnet for my couch, I just love having a couch so much. One of my favorite pleasures in life is cuddling up on the couch with S, thai take-out, and a good movie.

    @accordionsandlace: Ah....yes, I can understand that. Booboo overwhelms me with his adorableness. I think S and I are much like doting parents with their kids. And his little fuzzy tummy is just so cute and cuddly and soft. :)