Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not cat-proof.

I had wanted to find a cat-proof solution for my plants this summer. So I was thinking of vertical hanging bags. But then S came up with this free solution using stuff we had already. Not as pretty as what I had envisioned, but it was okay with me and probably easier. And I liked that it was re-purposing the shelves the previous renters had left when they moved and did not clean all the random stuff and trash out of their/our storage unit. So...it seemed like a good idea.

I thought it was cat-proof. I mean, I didn't think there was enough room to walk around the pots on the shelves. I wanted to ask S to help me move the shelf to be centered in between the windows so that it was not close to either window sill, but that didn't happen before everything fell apart. So the shelf has stayed in its location.

It is clearly not cat-proof. 

That's Pippi on top of one of my my non-flowering daisy plants. 

I bought these daisy plants back in May. Well, they are supposedly daisies, but there are no daisies at all. I have two pots of leaves. Just leaves. Leaves that I try to remember to water. They appear to be pretty comfortable.

The daisies are refusing to bloom this summer. Maybe it is an act of solidarity?

Pippi is not this cat's real name. It's just what I named her. Her real name is probably, you know, a French cat name. But, even so, she seems to like the name Pippi too. She comes when you call her by it.

Does anyone else name the neighborhood animals you see around and then actually talk to them using their not-real names?

Pippi did not seem to mind too much that I got in her face with a camera.

At least someone is getting some pleasure out of the no-daisy daisy plant.



  1. Yes, I totally name the neighborhood pets. We have a cat who lives next door who likes to sleep on our front porch furniture, and I often find him there when I get home from work. I've named him Felix, but it turns out he is actually a she and her real name is Eartha. I think Felix is way better so I'm sticking with that!

    My solution to keeping Felix out of my garden is to keep it watered well. He doesn't seem to like to get his paws wet so I make sure I never miss a watering. Otherwise, the next thing I know he is napping in there!

  2. Baby Liesl and I see "Magnum" quite often on our walks. For a while, he was hanging out on our "estate" for free providing "security". Once our population of ground hogs was decimated, he decided to take an assignment at a house around the corner.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one that names other people's cats!