Thursday, February 20, 2014

My possessions are staging a rebellion.

So. My laptop broke on Monday night late, and I had to buy a new one on Tuesday because I have a freelance translation contract to finish for Friday. It was supposed to be delivered Wednesday, but it was not.

On Tuesday I came home and walked in the door and the lights wouldn't work. I thought it was the light bulb. I tried two and determined that it wasn't. Then I thought it might be the fuse. (The fuse box is a mystery to me because it is the old kind of fuses because the apartment is 100 years old.) After someone else checked for me (and I made notes of which fuses do what!), I know that all the fuses are fine.

The process of elimination revealed it is a problem with the contact in the lamp itself (for one of the non-working lamps) and a timer explained the other non-working lamp. The timer is now adjusted and that lamp works now.

Wednesday night I tried to go to meet someone to borrow a laptop to use until the new one arrives and to see if there was anything to be done for the broken one. I got in my car and turned on my windshield wipers. They started up then stopped in the middle of the windshield on the first swipe. So I couldn't drive anywhere because driving any significant distance without windshield wipers in winter in Québec is just not wise.

Later someone was looking at my wipers to see if it was the motor or a fuse. And one wiper just fell off! The wiper had been in one piece as normal when I had discovered they wouldn't move. After it was put back together, I turned the wipers on. With a little push and some encouragement while they were "on," they restarted!

Then my camera had a problem, and the photos taken would not show up in Play mode. It said there was an error. So....reformatting the disc was next up. Hopefully that fixed the problem. And, for some reason, now my old, broken computer is again working. For now. Nothing changed except that I carried it from one place to another in a backpack and maybe something moved around inside a bit? I am told that when it is very dry things might not connect as well as normal inside a computer. And my apartment is sometimes only at 10% humidity in its most humid room.'s pretty dry, to say the least.

So many weird broken things at once! Gremlins? A coup? I only hope my belongings are done rebelling for now and ready to settle down for a calm period. All seems to be again working, except the ceiling light. I'll have to replace that if it want the light to work. That will come after the vacuum cleaner, I think. The little rocks (from walking in the snow after they scatter rocks around to make the ice less slippery) are starting to spread out a bit away from the front door. That will probably get to me before the lack of a working light over the dining table. We'll see I guess.

In other news, I now have a white office and a white bathroom. "Winterwash," to be specific. I paid someone to paint the rooms, and then I painted some furniture after the painter left. I painted a wicker hamper and trash can, plus an armoire that are all in the bathroom. And an ugly little wood mail sorter with pineapple tacks on it that I found (rescued?) at the thrift store ages ago. I saw potential if I removed the pineapples and painted it white. I need to hang that up over the weekend.

I still have some more furniture to paint. I think I might buy a semi-glossy paint because I was using eggshell finish, and I think maybe it isn't ideal for furniture. But the white is SO MUCH BETTER. No more ugly green office with an ugly painted tree on the wall. (It didn't bother my ex, and since it was his office, I didn't care much.)

But it is WAY better now. And I moved in my stuff, but still need to figure out the ideal placement of things and hang stuff on the walls, etc. Same for the bathroom, though that is closer to being finished. The bathroom is so pleasant with just one white on the walls. (There were four or so shades of white in there before, due to the renovations they did right before we moved in and the fact that they didn't paint everything afterwards.)

Also, I have been going to a drawing studio and drawing live models. So much fun. And way cheaper than therapy! I leave after three hours of drawing feeling much better. And my drawing has improved already, and I think I've only been about four times so far. I am thinking about taking ballet after it warms up. Maybe a summer or fall session? I almost did it this winter, but decided the drawing studio twice a week was plenty for now since I have a number of freelance/artistic projects also going on this winter.

So, tonight (well, actually it is Thursday since it's after midnight) as I think about my crazy week and all the weird things that broke one after the other, I am feeling thankful for my Québécois "family" here who have helped me through and fixed stuff. I really felt cared for tonight especially when they went the extra (million) mile(s) when, as they were fixing one thing, another broke. Repeatedly. So weird. Maybe tomorrow (Thursday) and beyond will be less weird.

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