Saturday, December 20, 2014


I've always thought of Advent as some sort of merry, ascending on-ramp toward Christmas.

This year Advent feels like a descent into darkness.

It's a snowy deep winter night full of unknowing and quiet waiting.
The traditional Advent ideas of hope, peace, joy and love have been replaced by mystery, darkness and descent. There's a sense of stillness that somehow feels right for this season. It's a time to sit with questions that have no answers and a future that is unknown.

I do what I am able to do: I light candles, but I don't think of hope, peace, joy or love. I simply focus on the fire holding its own against the obscurity. And I remember that light is more powerful than darkness.

And so I wait.


  1. Well, it's the winter solstice and the days start getting longer now, little by little.
    So, there is more light coming your way.

    I started listening to this Public Radio Podcast (Stramgers - Love Hurts series) -
    maybe you would like it?

    1. Hi SewTypical, I just burned some sage because it seemed like a good thing to do to mark the winter solstice and the return of more light. :) Thanks for the link; I'll have to check it out!