Sunday, November 9, 2014

Drifting toward darkness.

Around here it's clear that the darkness is gaining on the light, a little more each day. I just googled to find out when the winter solistice is (December 21), so that I will know exactly how long I have to hang in there before the light starts making a comeback.

I've been feeling discouraged for a few weeks, and I have no idea how much of that is tied to the seasonal descent into darkness and the long winter ahead. Or maybe it's connected to the cyclical healing process? Perhaps it's my grappling with where I find meaning in life? Or learning to let go? Whatever the reason(s), it probably won't hurt to burn some more sage, get out some candles, finish reading Pema Chödrön's When Things Fall Apart, and hunker down for another winter.


  1. I used to get really depressed in the winter when I was growing up in Chicago. The combination of the cold weather and early dark evenings really did me in. Now I live in California and still don't like the winter, although it helps that it's not Freezing Cold.

    Hope you start feeling better. Maybe if you could do something you enjoy that you go to after work, it would help? I've been taking yoga classes a couple of times a week at the Gym that I go to straight after work, and I find that really helps...

    1. Hi SewTypical,

      Yeah, winter in northern areas is pretty rough, isn't it? Maybe I will try yoga sometime? My problem is that I will be super busy (starting in January) and it'll be that way for a few months. But maybe that project that will make things buy will also help the winter pass quickly? Hope so. Not sure there will be much time for adding anything this winter, unfortunately, though I have been wanting to go back to my drawing atelier again... And I will continue with the ballet next semester, so that is something to look forward too. I'm glad the CA winter is not as difficult as the Chicago winters.... But yes, making myself get out and do fun things is something I need to be more intentional about (when I feel like hibernating 'til May). :)