Thursday, June 17, 2010

Italy: Part 3

One day we took a ferry to Capri. There are parts of the island that are very touristy, and other parts where you suddenly find yourself hiking in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful, and I most loved the remote areas.

The adventuresome group of guys I was with wanted to explore the island on moped. The moped rental place wouldn't rent to us because of our inexperience and how it is apparently dangerous. Turns out this was probably for the best, because much of what we ended up seeing you could only do by foot anyways. After exploring the island on foot, the next plan was to rent a boat to see Capri by sea. When we went to inquire, there were no questions about our experience with boating. The woman explained which way to go around the island and that we could drop the anchor and swim up to stuff if we wanted. She also said not to get too close to the rock cliffs. She asked for an ID from somebody.

This was not something I would have done, but I decided to do it even though I wanted to back out. Sitting on the beach sounded much more fun to me. We got in the boat, shoeless, as the guy requested, and then he took us out away from the dock to his other boat. He said, "Here is the starter. Forward, reverse, neutral, steering wheel. Anchor." And then he hopped in his other boat and left us there in our boat. Stanislas was our captain, and he did a great job. I frantically began passing out life vests to everyone. Despite my fear, it was pretty amazing, and the views were incredible. Those rock cliffs and archs are quite impressive. I was gripping the boat the entire time because of the rocky waves during many parts of the ride. Towards the second half of our 2 hours out, weather got bad kind of quickly and they sent a guy out to check on us and ride back along side us to the docking area. That was a relief, because I figured if we were flung out of our boat, he could help or go get help or whatever. Anyhow, we survived and it was definitely an adventure I won't forget.

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