Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naples Cars.

Wikitravel says, "Be forewarned: Traffic in Naples is nuts. It is the place where the social order breaks down and it is every man for himself (the traffic lights are usually ignored). You will find cars double and triple parked. Cars going the wrong way down one way streets. Traffic around the train station is nuts. Before attempting to cross the street, observe the locals. The idea is to spot a gap in the traffic and start across and hopefully people will stop. If this fails look for a pretty girl or a mother with young kids and let them run interference for you. Good luck"

Maybe that is why the cars in Naples look like this:

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  1. Woah! And I thought driving in Bali was crazy.

  2. Mrs. T: Yeah, we were surprised by the way people drive there. And all these cars were parked cars we saw while walking around the first couple of days. They park any which way, much like they drive. :)

  3. Crazy! That is my one complaint about Italians: the reckless, lunatic, scary driving. I mean, I am used to the Germans driving fast, it's not that... But you somehow get the feeling that the Germans actually know what they're doing. Gasp.