Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cats 1- Humans 0

After several more days of flip-flopping between wanting to enlarge the hole in the litter box to go to the next step in toilet training with Booboo, and wanting to quit and bring back the old standard litter box, Booboo went "number two" on the bathroom rug again. The bathroom rug that I had JUST washed and put on the floor. That event was the deciding factor: S went immediately and got the normal litter box out of our storage unit and made the switch while Booboo and I sat in the bathroom and watched the process.

Shortly after that, S caught Booboo looking back and forth between the litter box and the toilet seat. Booboo started to hop onto the toilet seat, but then paused and decided he would rather use his former litter box. And he hasn't turned back.

I guess in some ways it feels like a bit of a failure to give up on potty training and it's somehow a little sad to know Booboo could probably do it, but we think Booboo is happier using his normal litter box. And in the 24 hours since we switched back, I am actually happier too because I am not constantly having to clean the toilet and vacuum the floor and wash rugs and have potty dances. And ultimately, a happy Booboo makes us happy.

And maybe Booboo might go back to being my bathroom buddy? I missed that while we were potty training.

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