Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little garden of my own.

This is our little part of the back porch area we share with the neighbors. I have been looking forward to growing things out here for a year now, because we moved in too late in the summer last year to plant anything. (Though I did inherit a tomato plant last year, which I enjoyed.)

I chose the yellow daisies that I felt were "too tall" for my personal plant height preference because, despite that, they just made me feel so happy when I looked at them. So I bought them and gave them a prime place right by the back door and the kitchen and dining room windows. And I love looking at them.

I have wanted to grow some veggies and herbs for a while now. This box has Boston lettuce, cilantro, basil, and mint. I love drinking mint water (which my mother-in-law introduced me to last summer) because it is just so refreshing.


White daisies are my favorite flower. I love their beautiful simplicity. To their right is a "Chasse chats" which I got because a neighbor's outdoor cat has left us a few little "surprises" on our balcony, and this plant is supposed to make cats run away. We'll see. At the edge of the photo is our tomato plant.

I got the plants and potted them all in the same day. After I finished, I just felt so happy. Much to my surprise, somehow looking out and seeing these growing plants makes me feel deeply content.


  1. Whoa!!! I have never heard of "Chasse chats"! What is it? I need to get some, our whole back yard is like a giant toilet for the neighbourhood cats. :(

  2. That stinks (uh, literally, I guess) about the cats using your yard so much. :(

    The Chasse-chats plant smells kinda skunk-like when you break off part of a leaf, but otherwise I haven't noticed an odor when near it. So far no new "presents" from the neighbor cat, but I don't know if it is the plant or chance...? There have only been 3 occurrences (all before the plant) so it is hard to know. Hopefully the plant is working! :)

    And I got it at Réno-Dépôt for a few dollars.

  3. Looks great, our garden doesn't look that nice yet!

  4. @Vanou, uh...maybe because you are very busy raising a itty bitty human baby? :) Speaking of....let's get together this summer...I can't wait to meet him! :)