Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here and there.

  • I bought vacuum cleaner. A Miele. I love it. It's black and silver, though I chose it for other reasons. However, it coordinates very well with my home's color scheme.
  • I vacuumed the whole apartment the day I brought it home. There are no longer little rocks on the floor in the 3-foot (half) radius around front door. And Booboo was pretty comfortable around it, which is a huge change from how he was with the previous vaccuum.
  • At the store, the registration process for the 10-year free warranty (!!!) asked for the reason for buying a vacuum. There was not an option for "My ex left me for another woman and took the vacuum cleaner with him." So the guy at the store said I should just choose "Replacing a broken vacuum."
  • My new Miele rolls behind me so easily, like a happy little puppy following me around. It was on sale, plus I even got an extra $40 off because I took one that had an almost invisible scratch on the bottom. Honestly, I probably did more damage to it on its maiden voyage around the apartment the other day.
  • You know the risk I talked about in the last two paragraphs of this post? Well? It worked out!!!! It's really almost a miracle. Like..."the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too." Yeah, I am pretty excited about the artistic opportunity. And it's affirmation that good things can happen when we risk.
  • I've been going once a week to a drawing studio with models since January. I really enjoy the time drawing and come out of there feeling much better. And I now have lots of drawings of naturel. 
  • Next up? Ballet. I am hoping there might be a spring or summer class I can try... 
  • Booboo is still being extra affectionate. It's so nice to come home to him.
  • Today I was walking home and unsure if the tears that escaped my eyes were because it was so cold or because I was sad.
  • I haven't been using lip balm, and my lips feel less dry than they have in ages. Way better than when I was lip balm addict. Is lip balm a racket?
  • I really should buy a ladder. I need to change some light bulbs at some point.
  • And a new ceiling light. I have been using a little lamp and some candles to compensate for the lack of light while dining.
  • Oh, my new computer now has all my data on it and is set up for me. Ahhhh. I am very thankful for all the help I had with that.
  • I am going to go eat a chocolate cupcake with really amazing peanut butter icing. These are amazing and are probably my favorite cupcakes ever. However, when I made these most recent cupcakes, I did not have time to do the amazing one's cake part, so the ones I have now actually have a different cake which is fine. But I did make the delicious icing of the amazing cupcakes. Yum!
  • The other day (actually the night I was making the cupcakes), I had to run to the corner store to go get eggs. Mid-recipe. Oops. Anyhow, I grumpily bundled up then stepped outside. It was about 10:30 p.m., and everything was covered in glittery snow. It was magical. The grumpiness evaporated, and I was just thankful to have had the chance to see another night with glittery snow.
  • Speaking of snow, it is still very much winter here.
  • But spring will come one day. I know it.


  1. I am trying so hard to believe that spring will come one day, but it's really hard to hold on to that belief when I keep waking up to snow and negative temperatures. However, this (seemingly) neverending winter is my metaphor for this period of limbo/separation in my marriage, and I know that one day, there will be resolution there and I will be happy and single again, just like presumably one day there will be sunshine and warm weather again. It seems very fitting to me that they will both happen around the same time, most likely.

    Any combination of chocolate and peanut butter is delicious, in my opinion, but cupcake form is one of the best. :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying your new vacuum! And hooray for risks paying off! :D

  2. Hi canadianchia, I have also been looking at winter as a metaphor for the edn of my marriage too. I felt like winter began for me in July. The warmth and sunshine will come for us. From where I am, I can see it on the will see it soon too. It gets better...

    And yes, chocolate and peanut butter is an amazing combination. You should totally try that cupcake recipe! :) (Did you know you can freeze cupcakes without icing? It works super well! Uncooked cookies too. I do it all the time and it's nice to be able to make 4 cookies at a time... or have one cupcake.)

  3. I have decided that I am going to take a silks class and learn the circus flying techniques. I have signed up for a class on Saturday the 22nd. This will be a new adventure for me. (i would love to learn modern dance but I can't seem to find any adult classes. boo.)

    1. I am very excited for you and your new circus endeavours! I can't wait to hear about it. The thought has crossed my mind (circus is big here in the land of Cirque du Soleil...) but I am pretty scared of heights, so I'm thinking it would be more torturous than pleasurable for me. But I am so happy for others who do it! I think it's very cool and takes courage. Good for you!!!