Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back and Found.

We just got back on Tuesday afternoon from a trip to Italy (pictures will come soon). On Wednesday, we got an appointment to see an apartment, then I drove from Montréal to Québec to make it in time for the appointment that evening. We saw the apartment and signed the lease on the spot. Immediately after signing the lease, the next people coming to see the apartment knocked on the door.* The apartment search here really is all about timing.

Sigh of relief.

The apartment is the best we have seen, except for that one that got away which was larger for the same price. This one is great though...good location and cool details like amazing-looking rustic wood floors, a brick wall in the dining room, nice windows, molding, and exceptionally good layout (the best I have seen here). And for the grand finale....the bathroom is not in the kitchen. And it gets better: they are renovating the bathroom before we move in! There is even a deck in the back and I might even be able to put some planters out there and see if I can kill some more basil.

I am excited to move in and get settled.

*I felt bad for them because I know that feeling of missing an apartment by only a few minutes because of the timing of your appointment, but at least they didn't actually walk through the apartment, so maybe they don't know what they were missing.


  1. Haha... I was gonna ask about the bathroom situation. :-)

    Really glad you found something... And that your trip was great! Please tell us all about it (we're leaving for Rome on the 18th...).

  2. @Marie-Ève: How long will you be there? I can recommend fun things we did if you want to get out of Rome and head south a bit. :) Let's chat soon!