Thursday, September 8, 2011

By the way...

We went to Paris in May. I have been to Paris a number of times over the years, but it was S's first trip. After we got home, I drafted a long post about it and never published it, but now I don't feel like talking about the trip in the same way I did then, so here's what I feel like sharing now:

  1. We had a good time and are certainly glad we went...
  2. ..but it wasn't really the magically-perfect-sprinkled-with-glitter kind of trip that everyone imagines a trip to Paris with your amour to be.
  3. However, there were moments of that: We saw the twinkle lights of the Eiffel Towel, wandered through Paris at night among all the beautifully-lit buildings, spent time in cramped bookstores packed with books from floor to ceiling, and sat on a bench by the Seine.
  4. We especially enjoyed the crêpes and French Fanta, and savoured both frequently.
  5. Yes....savoured is how that first came out when I wrote it. Oh, Canadian spellings, are you starting to rub off on me?
  6. Wandering around off-beat places was usually more fun for us than visiting the over-crowded tourist sites, so S did not see every "must-see" sight that guide books tell you that you should see.
  7. At the foot of Montmartre, we discovered what I am convinced is the best crêpe kiosk in Paris.
  8. While we were there—on the day of the amazing crêpe kiosk discovery—we finally received notification that I was approved for permanent residence in Canada and we celebrated that night with a wonderful meal at a restaurant on the Left Bank.
  9. I discovered the things I love about Paris have changed over the years, and I now really like the quieter, more everyday life Parisian scenes.
  10. Similarly, my favorite crêpe is the beurre et sucre. Simple perfection with no distractions.
  11. Staying in a (modest) hotel was absolutely wonderful, and quite the change from all my previous trips with youth hostel accommodations. It was so much fun to have our own little space as our "base" in Paris.
  12. Here are a few photos. And you might have to look at the last one larger to see a funny thing in the photo.


  1. That's pretty funny about the church. Your trip sounds perfect to me. When I was younger I was all about the sights of Paris, but now I really just relish the quiet moments in the City. Glad you enjoyed it with your amour!

  2. @Meghan, maybe over time our travel style changes, just like clothing style and food preferences...?