Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally getting around to the hallway.

When we moved into our apartment in July 2010, this wall pictured above was unfinished white plaster. It was the only white part in a very yellow hallway, which is a color continuation of the yellow and red walls of our dining area. The new wall replaced what had been a door before the bathroom renovation that was done before we moved in. So to make the hallway look normal again, we had bought the yellow paint in almost the same shade of yellow as the rest of the apartment, but then we never got around to sanding it down and actually painting it. Finally, this summer we got inspired and did it. (We also learned that a primer coat would have been a good step not to skip. Oops. We are hoping the yellow paint will outlast our time in the apartment, despite the lack of primer.)

Once the wall was painted to almost-match the rest of the hallway, I was ready to get up some pictures that had been waiting since the move to be hung. I did a draft of an arrangement by laying the frames on the floor of our dining area and re-arranging until it felt right to me. Then, I made "patterns" of each frame out of paper to be recycled, which was a method I learned about here.

I taped the patterns on the wall and re-arranged until the collage was like I wanted it. Then measured and marked each pattern with the spot where the hanger needed to be nailed for the frame to hang in that exact spot.

Then I nailed the hanger hooks right into that spot, removed the papers, and hung the frames in their respective places. It worked really well, and I only had to re-do one nail for which I must have done a wrong calculation. Yay, for less unnecessary holes in the walls!


  1. It looks great! I love the yellow and black combination :)

    We're moving house (and country) in a few months which is a bittersweet thought - leaving this flat we've spent so much time getting "just right", but also having a new blank canvas to start on...

  2. Thanks! Where are you moving to? I wish you a smooth move... Moving is hard, especially internationally!